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The four-step approach highlights the most critical value-add interaction areas for our clients and is custom and unique to each client once deployed. This framework for partnership is a cross-vertical approach and encompasses a win-Win-WIN.

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Our first phase in our engagement framework is the analysis stage. During this time, we collect data to assess the current state of the business. This process is three-fold and begins by evaluating the systems, tools, and framework of the organization. Next, we assess leaderships' behaviors, patterns, routines and how they interact with the current structure. Following our leadership assessment, we examine the directional alignment (strategy) of the company and how information is conveyed, received, and executed. The collected data allows our team to accurately identify and articulate the gaps in the organization and what systems, tools, and leadership development is necessary for optimal organizational performance.

Design & Align

Following the analyze phase, we work with a selected group (steering team) within your organization to design the playbook standards specific to your business. The playbook takes into consideration the current gaps and the strategic direction set by executive leadership. Included in the playbook is an introduction to the reasoning behind the creation of the playbook and how it ties into the business culture, an overview of the content, a summary of each section, expectations, application, verification, validation, general guidance, tools, and standards training tools.

The alignment piece is the communication that is vital to a successful rollout and installation. Executive management plays a crucial role in communicating the expectations and framework along with the “why” of the new direction and playbook standards.


After the design and align phases are completed, we assemble the internal implementation team who will be responsible for working side-by-side with our experts. The role of the implementation team is to install the playbook in his/her respective areas. It is expected, the installation team will provide regular “gate” reviews to executive management of the progress being made.

The playbook is designed to provide a cultural expectation of excellence. Additionally, it is intended to align all functions with the strategy of the business and create a common standard throughout the enterprise. As we install the playbook framework, we work closely with leadership to develop and evaluate their effectiveness and performance using our proprietary leadership capital index.


Our primary objective is to help transform your organization and its leadership by coaching and developing leadership capital (capabilities and effectiveness of leadership). This intentional focus on cultivating leadership results in accelerated innovation, increased leadership ROI, and employee engagement. At this stage in our engagements, everything comes together including the structure (systems and tools), the new patterns, the new routines, and the new behaviors of leadership to deliver expected business results (ROI) for the organization.

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Our team has spent nearly 30 years developing and fine-tuning this intuitive and straightforward approach to successful client engagements.

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