Who is W3

W3 at a Glance

W3 Group LLC, is a globally recognized consulting and training group that assists organizations who are striving to create a culture of deliberate continuous improvement based on innovation and adaptiveness.

The methodologies, principles, and techniques W3 Group teaches are on the cutting edge of global understanding in regards to deliberate culture creation, organizational alignment, and lean deployment.

Our expertise in the teaching and organizational deployment of the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata, defined in the book “Toyota Kata” by Mike Rother, is well-known throughout the business community.

Our main competencies, in short, are:

  • Process and Organization Stability through Daily Management a.k.a. Shop-floor Management
  • Organizational Alignment through effective Strategy Deployment a.k.a. Hoshin Kanri
  • Process Challenge Development though Value Stream Mapping, linking organizational objectives to every process performed in an organization.
  • Materials and Supply Chain Management in support of Value Stream objectives, Including Kanban and Heijunka, a.k.a. Level Loading
  • Lean Leadership development through interactive simulation and coaching experiences designed for middle and front line managers and supervisors
  • Lean Knowledge and Skill through the highly interactive teaching methods available in our W3 Group Lean University
  • Organizational Standard Work through our Management Support System. This is a system specifically designed for and deployed in your organization, which enables you to successfully integrate and SUSTAIN the methodologies mentioned above.

The training and interactions with our course participants and client’s associates are based on learning-by-doing. We use highly interactive experiences for skill-development by deliberate practice under the watchful eye of our experienced coaches. Our worldwide associate’s knowledge and skills are continuously being enhanced through our ever extending network of lean community influencers and global collaborators

Our vision is to “Benefit our world with better paradigms of engagement, thinking and collaboration.”

Our Values

win, Win, WIN!
A mindset, perspective, and approach rooted in the core belief that for any collaboration to be successful, all parties must truly benefit.

Fun and Passion
W3 lets only those people that share this common mindset onto our team. We believe that this type of working mindset is the only way that W3 can benefit our world with better paradigms of engagement, thinking, and collaboration.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

Creative Collaboration in Harmony
For an organization to be effective, there must be a level of harmony resonating throughout its people and their interactions. W3 ensures that all of its interactions are built on that sense of harmony to ensure effective collaboration amongst all stakeholders.

Practice What We Preach!
We will always lead by example throughout our organization by applying the same systems to our own business that we advise others to do. We will never recommend something to our clients that we would not be willing to implement into their company as if it was our own.

Entrepreneurial Spirit
Our whole business is very much built on an entrepreneurial model, one where we are willing to embrace risk, willing to invest our personal time and energy for “something exceptionally desirable.” Our vision is to offer an exceptional opportunity for our associates to work creatively, with an exceptionally talented and diverse team, in a way that allows a flexible, customized, and rewarding lifestyle.

Care Deeply
Here at W3, we truly care about the success of our clients, collaborators, and associates. We understand the importance of taking ownership in what we do and how we conduct business. Our challenge is to provide valuable insight that generates sustainable success for all stakeholders.

Grow, Learn, Play, and Prosper Together

At W3, we determine whether or not each day was successful by asking each other a series of four questions we call our GLPP questions.

  • Was there personal growth in every individual that interacted with W3?
  • Did everyone learn something of value during the exchange?
  • Was it an interactive experience for all that resulted in a fun/playful working environment? !
  • Did all stakeholders affected by the interaction prosper?

Develop Skills that Deliver Results
Like our clients, W3 continuously strives for excellence within ourselves and our business. We believe it is imperative to constantly look for ways to increase our learning and expand our peoples development. Our challenge is to push everyone to grow, both clients and W3 associates, and take people beyond their current threshold of knowledge into their prime learning zone so they become comfortable with new skills. This threshold of knowledge expansion, we find, leads to a culturally unique competitive advantage in all organizations that deliver results.

Current Leadership

W3’s executive team consists of Bill Costantino, Founder and Senior Partner of W3, Jeff Kane (CEO) and Jay VanderZwaag (COO). Collectively, they have over 100 years of experience with deliberate culture development, strategy, leadership, and organization-wide skill development.

For the last 19 years, Bill has worked as an independent consultant, supporting companies in diverse industries making the leap to lean...

Bill Costantino

Jay VanderZwaag is a partner with the W3 Group LLC and has nearly 30 years manufacturing experience filling a variety of leadership roles and responsibilities...

Jay VanderZwaag

Jeff Kane is a Partner with the W3 Group and Director for their Executive Division. Jeff has spent 30 years designing, developing and executing lean principles on a global level....

Jeff Kane

Alfra Consulting

Alfra Consulting tiene como misión abordar en base a una serie de metodologías, herramientas y cursos, situaciones problemáticas particulares, buscando reducir la diferencia entre la situación organizacional actual y la deseada por la organización.

Ofrecemos soluciones para desarrollar y lograr la transformación hacia una cultura de excelencia operativa, que impacta significativa en su productividad. Creemos en la Mejora Continua como filosofía de crecimiento colectivo y el desarrollo de las personas como la base del éxito de cualquier organización sobresaliente.

Tenemos el compromiso de proveer soluciones integrales que ayuden en la transformación de empresas que deseen un cambio de paradigma, ofreciendo programas de capacitación y consultoría, llegando a otorgar más de 300 Certificaciones de Lean y Six Sigma (Green y Black Belt) y capacitando a más de 5,000 profesionales de todos los niveles, en el pensamiento Lean y metodologías de excelencia operativa.

• Más de 60 Empresas de diferentes industrias han participado en programas de capacitación con nosotros.
• Brindamos soporte a nivel global en diferentes países de América, Europa y Asia.

Nuestros programas de excelencia operativa comprenden:
• Lean Thinking
• Six Sigma
• Teoría de Restricciones
• Entre otras metodologías de alto impacto.

LaSalle Group

LaSalle Group, LLC is a business-consulting firm with experience in North and Latin America helping clients increase efficiency, reduce operational costs, and create a culture of continuous improvement. Our service offerings include business and cultural transformation, organizational development, strategic planning, and coaching/training. These services allow us to help multinational clients in the Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Research, and Banking industries, among others, achieve sustainable, efficient, and competitive operations.


Leannovator nasce dalla volontà di coinvolgere sempre più persone verso una cultura di riduzione degli sprechi, di riscoperta del valore e di miglioramento continuo, per favorire l'innovazione di ogni processo attraverso l'approccio lean.

L'importanza del Lean lo rende non solo un tema di formazione e consulenza per le imprese, ma anche una valida ed efficace disciplina d'insegnamento per la scuola secondaria superiore e per l'università.

Leannovator offre principalmente servizi di formazione sul Lean, rivolti a piccole e medie imprese, enti pubblici, agenzie di formazione professionale, università, scuole secondarie superiori (Istituti tecnici, Istituti professionali, Licei).

L'approccio didattico utilizzato è fortemente laboratoriale, induttivo e innovativo. L'apprendimento attraverso il fare è infatti uno degli elementi sostenuti dal Lean stesso.

Attraverso questo portale, inoltre, offre materiale formativo sul lean, come DVD e giochi, accuratamente scelti per la loro efficacia didattica e tradotti in italiano.