Management Support Systems

Management Support Systems

Management Support Systems (MSS) create visibility, reinforces behavior changes, and ensures sustainability by providing a framework between people, processes, and systems. MSS is used to manage the business processes by using the inputs and outputs to link the critical elements, reports and meetings, together across levels and functions throughout the business. MSS helps smooth out the transition from the current day to day management to supporting Toyota Kata and daily continuous improvement.

Management Support systems Objectives:

  • Peform an analysis for all meetings
    • Categorize as daily, weekly, monthly, qtly, or annual
    • Evaluate performance of meetings
    • Gather reporting docs of inputs and outputs of meetings
    • Determine business needs that are required
  • Re-design meeting structure for the site to support business needs as provided by the analysis.
  • Develop facilitation skills to promote meeting effectiveness.
  • Re-structure business reporting system to align with business needs and improve decision making process.
  • Monitor output of process to track improvements and overall accountability.

Management Support System Benefits:

  • Reduced amount of meetings in the organization
  • Clearly defined inputs and outputs in meetings
  • Solid framework in the organization for how you conduct business
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual meetings mapped out
  • People aligned with all meetings
  • Efficient reporting systems in place to manage your day to day business ensure that meetings are run efficiently and effectively
  • Enhanced decision making
  • Organization-wide alignment that support business objectives
  • Daily, weekly, monthly operating reports are in place
  • Concise CPI’s