Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri

Hoshin Kanri, one of the most powerful strategic planning tools available to organizations today, captures a desired future state for the organization and displays it in a way that makes organizational alignment second nature. Set by senior leaders, Hoshin Kanri (also called Management by Planning/Policy Deployment) ensures that everyone in the organization knows where the company is striving to be in the future. This keeps everyone in the organization focussed on meeting the organizational goals, and when done correctly, Hoshin should align all employees with middle management and then middle management with senior management.

Hoshin Kanri Objectives:

  • Teach how to develop SMART goals and objectives that are attainable and competitive
  • Ensure the direction for the organization is known by all employees
  • Provide action-step-alignment for the organization
  • Increase levels of performance through proper strategic planning
  • Involve the organization in creating individual employee specific objectives in alignment with the strategy
  • Develop visual management tools to increase accountability in respect to strategically driven actions in the organization
  • Create a routine, in all levels of the organization, for regular reviews, updates, and activity tracking to ensure results
  • Define roles and responsibilities for interacting with the Hoshin process

Hoshin Kanri Benefits:

  • Organizational alignment
  • A concrete way to track the organizations performance
  • Improved accountability and employee moral
  • Provides a basis for employee performance evaluation
  • Focused and intentional actions driven by a master strategy
  • Brings people out of their comfort levels to create an organization that is striving, learning, and adapting
  • Takes the guess work out of what people should and should not be working on
  • Helps organizations achieve their objectives in a time-defined manner